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Benneton Hamiltons Amber Dream

Augustus 1st show 11 months old
for future litters and breedings to approoved bitches of Merit

Augsustus available for stud
OFA rated GOOD

Augustus front

Augustus OFA rated GOOD

Suzy Hamiltons Blazing Suzy
OFA rated GOOD


Suzy OFA rated GOOD

Hamiltons shot at the title available for stud
Creed is a Rocky and Suzy baby

Kydo is a Rocky and Suzy baby too.


Kydo stacked

Hamilton's Rocky Balboa

Opal of Hamilton Top Dog
Opal is daughter of Destiny (Hamilton) and Dealer (Badabings)

Purchase Application

Date: _______________
Address ______________________
Occupation ____________________
Phone # ________________________
Email address ___________________________
Do you own or Rent your home? ______________
Do you have any other pets? _____________
If so, what type and how old?_________________
Have you ever owned a Bullmastiff before? ___________
What are the ages of the members of you household?_____________________________
Is this puppy going to be a pet or for showing?_________________
Do you have a fenced in yard? _____________
Are you prepared to have your dog live inside the home?________
How much time at night/day will your dog be alone? _________
Where will the dog stay during these times?________________
Are you willing to Obedience train your dog?___________
Are you willing to feed your dog high quality dog food?______________
Do you have a preference to the sex of your puppy? __________
If so what would you prefer?____________
Do you have a preference to the color of your puppy?___________

Prices range from $1750 - $2000 for unlimited choice
$2000 for unlimited registered breed quality puppy.
Limited AKC registered puppies range from $1500-$2000 depending on litter.
With the limited availabilty of show homes we typically place show potential puppies with limited registration to insure a quality home with a spay nueter contract. Our puppies are sold with written agreement of obediance training for  limited registration puppies and also must obtain hip health certification with unlimited registration and bred to conformation AKC Champion. If you are a Police or Correctional Officer  and pass the screening process for a new puppy we will apply a discount as these are the perfect family companion for this field.As I am one and totally believe this is the breed for us to trust our family to

Hamilton Top Dog Bullmastiff Video

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